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What Do You Trust More - The People or The System?

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

When we talk about the economy, environment, climate, education, infrastructure, waste, nature, product design, etc., we are viewing arenas where we can take action that can potentially impact whole systems.

Sustaining positive shifts in the systems that we share is not possible without massive change and collaboration across the value-chain.

We Are Energy Flowing Through Systems

“Our success depends on our ability to create value for all stakeholders across the system (society, community, business across supply chain, customers, government, etc).”

How can we take people on the journey of change?

One of the layers of the answer to this question inspires another question.

What is more feasible for human beings, trust the system or trust the people in the system?

While the answer is not definitive, on most cases, it is easier to trust the system than the human beings in it (whether it is a car, refrigerator, bank, freeway, or the technologies we use every day like the computer and phone).

In view of the above realization, it makes more sense to build systems that allow us to collaborate through a commonly shared pathway. Doing so liberates the energy of the system as a structure that determines desired behavior (decreasing the likelihood of people taking things personally or becoming defensive).

What system do we need, to create the change we want? We can start by identifying the metrics and KPIs for the differences we want to make.

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